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Carbide Burr Case

Carbide Burr Display Case

Carbide Burr Display Case
edp# 20156DC

A 99 piece set of burr's that display excellence in craftsmanship that can only compliment your storefront. Customers can see Carbide Tools for Industry's best selling burrs at their best! All carbide burrs are made in the USA by an industry leader...Carbide Tools for Industry, Inc.! Contact us today at 1-800-854-0449 to order your Carbide Burr Display Case.

Display Case Complete:
P/N 20156DC
Call for Price

Click on the links below for each item price if purchased separately
SA-1DC1/4 X 5/8CylindricalDoubleSE-1DC1/4 X 3/8OvalDoubleSH-1DC1/4 X 3/8FlameDouble
SA-3DC3/8 X 3/4CylindricalDoubleSE-3DC3/8 X 5/8OvalDoubleSH-5DC1/2 X 1-1/4FlameDouble
SA-5DC1/2 X 1CylindricalDoubleSE-5DC1/2 X 7/8OvalDoubleSJ-1DC1/4 X 3/16Taper 60 Degree Double
SA-3NF3/8 X 3/4CylindricalAlumaSE-3NF3/8 X 5/8OvalAlumaSJ-3DC3/8 X 1/4Taper 60 DegreeDouble
SC-1DC1/4 X 5/8BallDoubleSF-1DC1/4 X 5/8Tree w/RadiusDoubleSL-1DC1/4 X 5/8Taper 14 DegreeDouble
SC-3DC3/8 X 3/4BallDoubleSF-3DC3/8 X 3/4Tree w/RadiusDoubleSL-3DC3/8 X 1-1/16Taper 14 DegreeDouble
SC-5DC1/2 X1BallDoubleSF-5DC1/2 X 1Tree w/RadiusDoubleSL-4DC1/2 X 1-1/8Taper 14 DegreeDouble
SC-3NF3/8 X 3/4CylindricalAlumaSF-3NF3/8 X 3/4Tree w/RadiusAlumaSL-3NF3/8 X 1-1/16Taper 14 DegreeAluma
SD-1DC1/4 X1/4BallDoubleSG-1DC1/4 X 5/8Tree Pointed DoubleSM-1DC1/4 X 1/2Taper MDouble
SD-3DC3/8 X 3/4BallDoubleSG-3DC3/8 X 3/4Tree Pointed DoubleSM-4DC3/8 X 5/8Taper MDouble
SD-5DC1/2 X 1/2BallDoubleSG-5DC1/2 X 1Tree Pointed DoubleSM-5DC1/2 X 7/8Taper MDouble
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Carbide Burr  Display Case
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